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  • Will I experience any decrease in followers in the coming days?
    There is usually no decrease in our services. In some cases, there may be a decrease. In this case, it will be enough to contact us via Live Chat and let us know that there is a decrease. The compensation will be made without any charge according to the package you receive.
  • Will anything happen to my account because I bought followers or your services?
    No, it does not pose any risk to your account.
  • How can I order?
    After selecting the products you want, just reach us on live Chat.We will here for 7/24 for order.
  • Is my account name sufficient for the order?
    Yes, it will be enough to get your profile link. You can contact us on the live chat for help.
  • When will my order arrive?
    Our average orders are defined in your account within 2 hours. There may be a delay in multiple purchases. You can contact us via live chat and inquire about the status of your order.



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